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عطية زاهدة

"ثمَّ ارجعِ البصرَ كرَّتيْنِ ينقلبْ إليك البصرُ خاسئاً وهوَ حسير"

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An Explanation for Special Relativity via the constant light speed
Why is the speed of light constant?

No one as yet could give a convincing explanation for the constancy of light speed. Nevertheless, some scientists tried their best.

Explaining the constancy of light speed optically

Can the retro-vision explain why the speed of light is constant?What is retro-vision?

On entering the eye, light becomes converged or focused on the retina. As it is known, the eye lens is responsible for the process of focusing light. The site on the retina where the converged light is concentrated becomes as a new intra-ophthalmic source of light capable of emitting light making it returning back, hence, the acquired name 'retro-vision'. Virtually, the retro-vision enables man to estimate or spontaneously calculate distances and velocities. In other terms, retro-vision enables the eye to be as radar apparatus.
Accordingly, it becomes clear that as long as the observer uses the retro-vision, no doubt, the source of light used in the observation always moves with the same speed of the observer himself. Thus, using the retro-vision means that whatever the change of the velocity of the observer or of the light source, the relative motion between the observer and the retina remains zero. Hence, the light speed is constant

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