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Attiyah's Astronomical Twelve Bells to Awaken Two Rayleighs



The so-called solar rays we treat with and observe whether on the ground or from the ionosphere, are absolutely impossible to be originated in the Sun. Instead, in fact, they are the rays of the auroral corona of highly intense, continuous daytime full-sky auroras. Precisely, the so-called sun beams that we receive at the Earth are not solar in origin. No doubt, they are auroral in origin. They are gathered together and appear collimated by the action of Tesla effect which is a result of the capability of the 'Earth-ionosphere-magnetosphere' system of working as a planetary-scale plasma globe.


1- Because of the extinction action of the plasmas and gases intervening between the Sun and terrestrial ionosphere, especially those always found in the magnetosphere, the original solar rays reach the very terrestrial ionosphere greatly attenuated. Nevertheless, they reach the ionosphere still relatively rich in the high energy wavelengths which have a great ability to penetrate the plasmas. These wavelengths are X-rays and UV photons. No doubt, these residual, solar X-rays and UV photons can reach the lower depths of the ionosphere as low as the bottom region of the D-layer.

2- The whole sunward ionosphere persistently houses so intense auroral activities initially driven mainly by the residual, original solar X-rays and UV wavelengths, and secondarily by the precipitation of energized charged particles.

3- Owing to the formation of an integrated electric system by 'The Earth-ionosphere-magnetosphere' system, it could be said that this 'Earth-ionosphere- magnetosphere' system composes 'a planetary-scale plasma globe' situated inside the magnetosheath. In this system the Earth serves as a plasma-spouting spring which persistently supplies the ionosphere- magnetosphere couple with ions and electrons along the geomagnetic field lines.

4- The solar gravitation-caused tide creates a composite relatively densely plasma-filled bulge either in the sunward side or anti-sunward side of the magnetosphere-ionosphere system.

5- The composite, relatively densely plasma-filled bulges are grounded (electrically conducted to the Earth) by the geomagnetic field lines that permeate and thread their volumes in the geospace. These lines serve as a capacitive path to the ground.

6- Being grounded, the sunward composite relatively densely plasma-filled bulge is capable of showing a so strong Tesla effect which is able to focus or concentrate the auroral rays and streamers. This action leads to the formation of an auroral corona at what appears to be the site of the magnetic zenith, either. So, the magnetic zenith effect is intimately associated with the Tesla effect. Therefore, the formation of the daytime 'auroral corona' and concentration of its light are both intimately related to the magnetic zenith effect. Hence, being 'a planetary-scale plasma globe', 'the Earth-ionosphere-magnetosphere' system can help us visualize the ionosphere-magnetosphere couple as a parabolic refractor mirror.

7- The Sun's body, the original solar disk, about 150,0000,000km distant, always forms a far luminous background for the daytime Tesla effect-converged 'auroral corona', and for the concomitant glowing light produced in the same sunward, composite densely plasma-filled bulge by the capacitive discharges pertaining to the very Tesla effect. This means that, firstly, the so-called solar rays are not original solar rays, though they seem coming from the solar disk, but instead, they are initially originated in the ionosphere as auroral rays, secondly, the ionosphere is essentially a self-illuminating space and, thirdly, the bulk of the daytime diffuse skylight which is spread between the ionospheric D-layer and the Earth's surface is mainly a scattered light of an ionospheric origin i.e. from daytime global auroral activities.

8- Having its rays rich in deeply penetrating X-rays and UV photons, and directed earthward, the auroral corona enables the auroral activity to be a very effective self-enhancing process.

9- While transmitted by the optical fiber illumination, we find that the earthward return of the Tesla effect-focused and Tesla effect-collimated auroral rays, of course, from the magnetic zenith - this return - is intimately governed by the phenomenon of aspect sensitivity.

10- The Earth rotates inside a persistent pattern of global auroras such that, relative to the Sun, the overall configuration of this pattern is permanently fixed. In other terms, the ionosphere preserves an almost stable 'configuration of illumination' fixed with respect to the Sun such that the daytime hemi-ionosphere always forms a dome-like fluorescent lamp having a great deal of its light focused at the sub-solar site. So, the Earth completes its daily rotation on its axis such that it rotates inside the 'fluorescent lamp-forming' ionosphere which by the action of Tesla effect shows a focused light always fixed relative to the Sun i.e. this Tesla effect-converged light is continuously hung in the sky at the sub-solar site.

11- The 'Tesla effect-produced' radio waves in the composite 'solar tide-caused' bulge are relatively so intense so that they enable one to describe the very 'solar tide-caused' composite bulge as a natural, gigantic magnetospheric 'HAARP'-like installation. However, such intense radio waves help in the production of the auroral light. No doubt, the magnetosphere represents a highly effective, gigantic planetary-scale amplifier.

12- The magnetosphere as a whole shows an annual swing of 23.5o amplitude i.e. it completes a periodic yearly oscillation of 23.5 degrees amplitude across the Equatorial plane.

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